Welcome to Rising Action Pictures,

My name is Jeremy Rempel and it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my company. This business is the culmination of nearly 20 years of pursuing filmmaking as a career. Bringing quality craftmanship to every project we take on is essential to not only myself personally, but for our clients as well. This is evident in the work we create in collaborations with them.

In 1997, I was employed as a computer graphic artist with Mirage Imaging out of Kelowna BC. In 2002, I enrolled in an Intensive Media Producer’s Program with the Gulf Island Film & Television School on Galiano Island. Otherwise known as G.I.F.T.S, the originator of which is George Harris. Mr. Harris has done a massive service to many artists throughout Canada by offering boot-camp guerrilla style filmmaking courses.  In 2003, two films I worked on won awards at the EyeLens film festival. They included Best Editing on 'Nine-Eleven 2002', a story about the year after the 9/11 attack on NYC and reflections on the event. I also received an award for Presentation of an Issue for 'Light Action', a controversial story of growing marijuana in rural BC, and the ramifications to the communities nearest to it. In 2004, I directed and shot my first short film 'SOUTH ISLAND MAYHEM'. An adventure film about rock climbing the limestone formations in the Castle Hill basin, shot entirely on the south island of New Zealand. In 2007, I was accepted to the Film Production program at Vancouver Film School. Shortly after graduating from VFS in early 2008, I received a nomination for a student cinematographer award from Kodak in Rochester, NY by Mr. David Hauka, the head of the Film Department at VFS. This nomination was for several director of photography positions on digital & super 16mm works. I edited movies for every round that year at VFS. In 2009, I  took part in a Gaffer position under Ian Kerr CSC on the award winning 10th anniversary CRAZY EIGHTS film festival in Vancouver, BC. Held at the Vogue Theatre on Granville Street. The film I worked on, 'Mike Inc.' received international accolades.

I was employed professionally in the film industry, generally in lighting departments for several years in the Vancouver area. I had to leave the industry because of the effects of the 2008-09 economic slump. Many people in the film industry during and after those difficult years had to find other employment. It was heartbreaking to leave an industry for which I was so passionate, but it was a necessary move. The lack of finances flooding in from our neighbour to the south affected the industry quite heavily for a few years. In that period of time, I was employed on a directional drilling rig for Oil & Gas ventures in Alberta & Saskatchewan. This was with Bonanza Drilling. If you've ever watched an episode of 'License to Drill' on the Discovery channel,  you would've seen some of the projects Bonanza Drilling have worked on.

Rising Action Pictures brings motion picture industry experience borrowed from big-budget productions to every project, big or small. This means quality craftmanship that won't break the bank. Launching this business in this day & age allows me to take advantage of sophisticated, cutting-edge cinema technology for filmmakers. When you have the right tools for the job it makes the process more efficient, which essentially raises production value. This to me is essential and a great asset to the client. It is an honour to offer quality services to this community. 

This is my story, I'm looking forward to hearing yours.

Best regards,

Jeremy Rempel

Rising Action Pictures