Rising Action Pictures breaks down video services into different styles and/or formats. All of these styles can showcase a product or service, or capture an event. Depending on the scope of your story or budget, we can determine what style or package best fits your individual or group needs. From marketing, promotional purposes or capturing a beautiful moment in time to enjoy for generations. Whatever the scope or idea, we may have a solution for you.

Rising Action Pictures are specialized in shaping doco projects to your liking. We tailor every project to fit the scope of whatever story it is you wish to share.
Video Montage is a technique where a series of short clips are edited into a sequence. This can be a creative way of showcasing a product or service on a website for example.
Whether it's capturing a historical event or a beautiful home from an aerial perspective. We work together to provide whatever you may imagine and capture it in stunning detail.
Rising Action Pictures work around your schedule. We wish to take the stress out of the equation, so you can enjoy the experience as you should.