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Documentary films are intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for instructional, educational or for historical purposes.

For me personally, documentary filmmaking is what drew me to motion pictures in the first place. Seeing spitfires flying across the sky in old history films or seeing something like the Hindenberg disaster. Those memories are burned into your psyche. What if nobody was there to document such an event? 

Seeing as how people often have a valid message or story to tell. No other form or medium can have such a powerful and/or creative way of conveying those stories. Documentary filmmaking can be one of the most intimate of projects because it involves a lot of planning and preperation from pre-production thru to post. The process can be demanding on every aspect, so having your prep work done on the day puts you in a better postition for success. This can be an exciting experience.

This package varies greatly and will be catered to each individual project proposed.

Allow us to document your story and tailor it for you today.