Dylan Neilsen-Schenk of Family Tree Arboriculture had the task of removing two massive lombardy poplars. Both trees were already showing heavy decay. Which made it a risk not only for the neighbouring family homes, but also for the removal process itself. Being in such close proximity to residential properties and a small creek, a decision was made to leave standing stumps tall enough to allow the local wildlife to inhabit them after. Like the northern flicker or downy woodpeckers that are quite prevalent in this area of the Okanagan. We couldn't have asked for better weather on the day. Arriving at dawn allowed us to establish a gameplan early on.  Figuring out how to capture the process as safely as possible is crucial to getting the job done right from the get go. Shortly after our tailgate meet & greet, it was on!

Cut to Chopin Nocturne in C-Minor, a tune that captured the day.